when baby sessions go bad

this was too good not to share

Nighttime Portraits

  So, I bought this ring light with the intention of taking bug portraits but i was working with this centipede and it totally sicked me out! I dont want this new flash… Continue reading

baby smash

some babies bring the cake to their face, other babies bring their face to the cake! my life has been pretty baby-ful lately as far as photography go- no complaints here! I realized… Continue reading

Baby Eva

Well, my second baby photo shoot went well! I got to try out these vinyl backdrops i bought on etsy for the first time. This baby belongs to a girl I went to… Continue reading


I was doing aarons weekly photos for his fitness blog and decided to do a few portraits instead of just all full body muscley photos and im totally in love with this. and… Continue reading

Photography Tip #2816: Babies Pee. A Lot.

Haha, well I’m glad I sewed my posing pillow out of pleather so I could wipe it down because this baby Peed not once, not twice, not even three times! This baby peed… Continue reading

This is what I do when I cant sleep…

Mess around with photos and make surprise gifts for people I take pictures of!I think shes going to love it. I’m no pro graphic designer, but its fun to mess around sometimes.  


This is what my husband looks like when he’s super busy being adorable

Engagement Photos

I read a really fantastic book by Elizabeth Etienne who is a sought after engagement and wedding photographer called “The Art of Engagement Photography.” Some of her shoots got a little costumey for… Continue reading

Gasworks Park Shoot

Happy Birthday to Casey! He was a little cutie absolutely and I was really digging the awesome industrial Gasworks and the vibrant colors its painted with. Great day.