Fill Your Photos Full of Love.

Think about it. Dig out your favorite baby photo and look at the terrible exposure, offputting composition and maybe a finger in the corner of the photo. Who cares!? Its you and your dad blowing out your candles on your second birthday! Its the MOST AMAZING photo that was ever taken!

If we know each other personally, this isn’t news. If we’re just becoming friends, it probably is! Me and my daaarrrllling got engaged around 2 months ago. I love him dearly. One of his most beautiful qualities is that he lets me take his photo all the time and doesn’t complain about it! Thanks for being a dollface.

Don’t worry darling. All this modeling is really going to pay off someday! Some hollywood producer is going to read this and see your photo and you’re going to be discovered!

You’re going to be a star!!! 

Evening stroll on the beach.