Have the Holidays Worn YOU Out?

Well, they wore me out. First day back at the gym today. Getting ready to start my second to last quarter of college. Phew. Life resumes.

Here’s some good news! I got a new macbook air for christmas!

Here’s the bad news. It doesn’t have lightroom or photoshop… and I miss them ūüė¶

Here’s some more bad news: I’ve been super lazy and not feeling like using my camera much.

Here’s the good news: I’ve decided to invest more time/energy/money into my camera and get more prepared to take stunning photographs of my honeymoon in belize this summer!

Did you like how I sandwiched all the bad news in between good news?

Since this is a photo blog, I suppose I’ll end with a photo! This is a cat that lives at my house named Timmy.¬†Curiosity¬†didn’t kill this cat, but it did lead him into an uncomfortable position of having a basket stuck around his head! Enjoy ‚̧