March Photo a Day: Fruit

Step 9: Eat it!

Well, I’ve been giving this fruit theme some thought. Fruit, fruit, fruit…. of course! A still life! That’s how you take pictures of fruit!

No, no… I think this is a valuable opportunity to reach out and help those who have always felt uncomfortable and insecure around oranges. You missed the boat when you were young. Maybe your family was downright anti-orange, maybe your mother always peeled it for you. Either way, you never learned the proper techniques and now you just avoid oranges at all times, worried someone will find out your secret. You can’t peel an orange!

Well my dears, today is your lucky day! Follow the above diagram and you’ll be peeling oranges left and right!

Thank you to my lovely hand model, Aaron Urvina who was so happy to finally learn the proper skills and peel his very first orange!