March Photo a Day: Fork

Well, I want to take this opportunity to share something new with you along with a fork (which obviously is old news to most of us). This photo entry also includes a repurposed jar (cheaper than tupperware) full of delicious roasted beets! Now look, I understand, we live in a busy world and canned beets are convenient if you have a beet craving. What? You never have beet cravings? Maybe, just maybe, that’s because you don’t roast them yourself!

Preheat that oven to 350 degrees, scmear on some olive oil, wrap them in foil and toss those suckers in the oven for 30 minutes or so and BAM! Delicious beets! They will change your world. Peel them, cut them up and put em right on in your mouth.

On a side note: I received a flash for my camera in the mail and this was my first time using it. It’s pretty life changing. But more about that another time. This post, after all, is supposed to be fork themed!

ISO 200 53mm f5 1/15sec

ISO 200 53mm f5 1/15sec