Photography Tip #2816: Babies Pee. A Lot.

Haha, well I’m glad I sewed my posing pillow out of pleather so I could wipe it down because this baby Peed not once, not twice, not even three times! This baby peed FOUR times!

This was my first time photographing a baby. His name is max and he is three months old. I thought the session was a success, but I’m picking up some prints to look at ti further digest the session.

Also, he totally peed on my favorite shoes. And he totally got away with it for being so stinking adorable!babyphotosession1-42 babyphotosession1-44 babyphotosession1-43 babyphotosession1-37 babyphotosession1-39 babyphotosession1-41 babyphotosession1-34 babyphotosession1-33 babyphotosession1-35 babyphotosession1-26 babyphotosession1-16 babyphotosession1-18 babyphotosession1-13 babyphotosession1-23 babyphotosession1-24 babyphotosession1-2 babyphotosession1-1 babyphotosession1-4 babyphotosession1-8 babyphotosession1-7 babyphotosession1-14 babyphotosession1-21 babyphotosession1-20