Welcome to the world Jacqueline Paige!

You hear a lot of things about the birth process, but words just don’t compare to seeing it for yourself (and I’m sure that just can’t compare to going through it). I got… Continue reading

My Time in Kauai

Those of you who know me, know my real love is Latin America, so of course I wanted to go there for my honeymoon. But no, my wonderful, loving father gifted us a… Continue reading

Well, I’m married!

Thats why I’ve been the world’s worst blogger! I miss reading everyones stuff! 

My Very First Wedding!

This was my friend Rina’s wedding. I really think she’s a pretty brave girl for asking me to shoot a wedding because that’s something wayyyy new for me. But it was great! Everyone… Continue reading


SO, been busy lately! My boyfriend’s sister graduated from high school (so awesome)! I got a super weird print from the day I wanted to share.  And a less strange one too! hah… Continue reading

Happy Fathers Day

I’m just pretty sure (and I can say this without bias) that I have the most amazing Dad ever. He literally worked his way out of poverty and built his beautiful life. He… Continue reading

DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

I finally finished my cake toppers and I am SO EXCITED about them! Honestly, being 11 months into this 14 month engagement…. the initial wedding pizass has worn off… Finishing these toppers has… Continue reading

Nisqually Wildlife Refuge

The weather has been so awesome lately! Today, its cooled down but was pleasant enough for a morning walk. The Nisqually Wildlife Refuge was a short drive from Olympia so we decided to… Continue reading

Graduation Announcements

3 weeks away from graduation! I was playing around with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop this morning and made my lovely partner a mailer for his family. I think it turned out pretty rad!

Japanese Garden – Portland, OR

One of my lovely blogging buddies recently posted their photos from the Japanese Garden in Portland and I got a little guilt struck, as I’ve had posting mine from a month back on… Continue reading