March Photo a Day: Green

What better way to kick of St. Pattys day than with a celery soda?! I know, I know. Some of you are kicking it off with a shot of whiskey, and good for… Continue reading

The Thurston County Food Bank

I’m presenting a project about the food bank tomorrow and I got to take a break from my normal volunteer time there to interview staff, volunteers and take pictures of them for my… Continue reading

March Photo a Day: Car

BAM! Car ­čÖé   UPDATE: So, I was really into the idea of a photo a day challenge. But then I remembered I had challenges in my life every day. Like… the daily… Continue reading

March Photo a Day: Sign

This photo was taken at the famous olympia hotdog place downtown. I’m not going to lie, its one of my late night stops after a nice beverage.

March Photo a Day: Fork

Well, I want to take this opportunity to share something new with you along with a fork (which obviously is old news to most of us). This photo entry also includes a repurposed… Continue reading

March Photo a Day: Someone I Talked To

Okay, this photo isn’t from today. But it’s late and I’m exhausted with a pile of homework. So, instead, enjoy someone I talk to on a regular basis!

March Photo of the Day: Loud

Well, I have to be honest. I don’t live a “loud” life. My Saturdays are spend in lectures, then making dinner for a sweet little old lady and doing homework. So, I’m going… Continue reading

March Photo a Day: Red

Red? Yeah right! More like Red Hot!

March Photo a Day: Window

This is one of my favorite, tastiest local businesses! If any of you make it to Olympia, WA, you must check out The Bearded Lady Food Company (It’s hard to miss, look for… Continue reading

March Photo a Day: Something You Wore

Well, What better to display than something I wear every day? This is my very lovely engagement ring. I know what you’re thinking. It isn’t march photos a day, its march photo a… Continue reading