March Photo a Day: 5pm

Well, 5pm to me means school on Tuesdays. So instead of talking about school, or posting pictures of school, I’m just going to take the 5pm inspiration and post at the time of… Continue reading

March Photo a Day: Smile

  Booger smile! This was a pretty fun, special day of shooting.

March Photo a Day: Bedside

Okay, so this isn’t a bedside table. But I don’t remember the inspiration saying bedside table, so a window at my bedside it is! The photo in the picture was painted by my… Continue reading

March Photo a Day: Neighborhood

I’m not going to lie, I don’t exactly have a neighborhood in the suburbia sense. Just a lone dead end street. While it’s beautiful and peaceful, I miss the hustle and bustle of… Continue reading

March Photo a Day: Fruit

Step 9: Eat it! Well, I’ve been giving this fruit theme some thought. Fruit, fruit, fruit…. of course! A still life! That’s how you take pictures of fruit! No, no… I think this… Continue reading

March Photo a Day: Up

I’ve always wanted to participate in the various photo a day challenges, but the year long projects are just too daunting to me! I stumbled upon a monthly photo project and am going… Continue reading

Oh, the Innocence of Youth!

Oh, I wish I could go back in time and be a child again! I feel like I don’t excited about most things in my life as a 2 year old does about… Continue reading

Taking a Closer Look…

Well, I finally got some sweet software on the macbook I got for Christmas. I don’t really have any new material, so I plugged in an unedited photo that I have previously posted… Continue reading

Trail Walking

The sun is back. It isn’t warm, but it’s been sunny! To celebrate the sunshine, I took a nice, long walk on my college campus to the beach. I managed to make the… Continue reading

Sunny Days

Well, maybe it wasn’t warm, but the sun did make an appearance! It felt like the perfect day for the first picnic of the year (hopefully not the last)!! I hope everyone else… Continue reading