I got this new magnifying dealy-doo (yes thats the technical term) that screws onto my 50mmf1.8lens. This is what that looks like: I also got this tubey-thinga that made that very same lady… Continue reading

Who Said Photography Couldn’t Be Fun?! (The Implication Here is That They Lied)

So, this was sort of a photo adventure that was crammed into 20 minutes or less due to time constraints. I felt bad because the boys were having so much fun, I felt… Continue reading


So a friend of mine asked me to do some engagement type photos- something I’ve never done! Its really crazy and difficult to get cooperation from two people at once. I dont know… Continue reading

Ordinary Mornings

Growing up, I never really got the chance to experience family meals. People ate different things, at different times, in different locations. My new job is sort of like being a homemaker I… Continue reading

DIY Wedding Cake Pops – Round 1

I’m practicing making cake pops for my wedding! This was my very first run at em and I think overall, they turned out pretty fantastic! As much as I love photography, I think… Continue reading

The Blackberry Invader!

I spent the afternoon picking blackberries on the beach. Can I just say how difficult it is to be inside on a computer even for 10 minutes on a day like today? In… Continue reading

Panorama: Take Two!

This one was much more successful. It made me love downtown Olympia, WA.   Thanks dirty alleyway! You made my day.

Good Portraits vs. Bad Portraits

I feel overwhelmed by the idea of good portraits. You follow a set of rules, no wait! You break those same rules! The whole thing makes me crazy. In the end I came… Continue reading

Oops A Daisy

I woke up extra early today and took a walk down to the beach. Sometimes the beach is SO BORING! Its like, “yeah, okay, sand, rocks, shells, I get it!” So I took… Continue reading

First attempt at a Panorama!

So, I’m at school today and I’m going to keep this short… BUT- has anyone ever used the gigapan equipment for their panoramas? It has an extra leg but all in all- very… Continue reading