A Doe, A Deer!

We’ve all been to the zoo right? Right! Well at this particular zoo, those fancy cages that typically separate you from the animals have disappeared! A few weeks ago I drove through this… Continue reading

Peaceful Protest

Sooooo, a walk in the capital brought me to two different lovely people today. They were beautiful, photogenic and most importantly, willing to have their photo taken! They’re my kind of people. Getting… Continue reading

Yakity Yak (don’t talk back)

This photo has started many debates among many of us who are not familiar with differentiating between species. Is it a yak? Is it an elk? Buffalo? I decided its a Yak.

Fill Your Photos Full of Love.

Think about it. Dig out your favorite baby photo and look at the terrible exposure, offputting composition and maybe a finger in the corner of the photo. Who cares!? Its you and your… Continue reading

Thanks Mother Nature (for just being there)

I found this little creature last night. I was walking through this beautiful path in the woods near evergreen and it practically jumped out and bit my face off!!! Enjoy.

Blogs Away!

Hi, I’m Hannah and this is my Blog. As a matter of fact, its my very first blog, so go easy on me (I know you will because we’re all friends here on… Continue reading